A Journey with Purpose

This is a guide when you’re unsure of where and how to start your journey to success. A Journey with Purpose is intended to provide direction and value to hardworking, driven people. This book is for anyone who may feel they have more to contribute to the world but lack direction on where and how to start and have limiting beliefs or setbacks that are keeping them from reaching their true potential. This book provides simple and easy-to-accomplish tips and ideas that will guide anyone in identifying and pursuing their true purpose.

The values this book will provide in your life are the following:

—Clear tips that show you how to identify your purpose in life

—Ideas to guide you when you’re faced with challenges experienced by

many people and starting something new

—Keys to facing failure, obstacles, and inaccurate beliefs shared by others

on the journey to success

—Strategies that can be used now to change yourself to be

more successful tomorrow

—New sense of direction, understanding of yourself, and meaning in your life

—Ability to find what your contribution to making the world a better place is

—Clear understanding of where to start and how to keep the ball

rolling once you have


A Journey with Purpose
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